Trump’s Bonfire of the Dignities

A slew of headlines greeted Donald Trump’s return to Capitol Hill yesterday. “Triumphant return” in the words of AP and others, Trump’s “flex” in the words of Axios. Others less generously, including TPM, heralded Trump’s “return to the scene of the crime.” And with Trump, characteristically, there are many crimes to choose from, not just January 6th, his greatest crime, but the fact that this was his first big get together since being convicted of 34 felonies and earning his new first name: “Convicted Felon.” What all seemed to agree on is that it was a “Unity Rally.” But I think there was both more and less to it than that.

First, it was some mix of surprisng and revealing how little of the first round of press coverage noted the very Pyongyang-on-Capitol Hill vibe of these events, right down to the set piece press opportunities with grown men and women from the Senate manically clapping like seals as Trump walks into the room, interviews where they express their hopes that Trump will come and lead them again. Our friend Aaron Rupar really seemed to have his eyes open for this, and he captured it in this video.

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Making Sense of a Big Stack of Editors’ Blog Posts

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I want to thank all of you who wrote in in response to yesterday’s post asking for your favorite Editors’ Blog posts. Please keep them coming. At one level it’s just very gratifying and affirming to hear which ones you’ve especially enjoyed, which ones had some particular meaning for you. But this wasn’t just an ego trip. Or, it mostly wasn’t that. I’ve been considering putting together a collection of pieces from the last 24 years. I’m not sure whether that would include the “best” or most popular, or just ones that built up a series of themes or arguments over time. My thought was too pull them together, clean them up and assemble them into bundles focused on key themes and questions that have animated the Editors’ Blog over the years. And then on top of this, add a short essay for each trying to make sense of how the question or problem evolved over time, how the opinions stack up in retrospect, what we can say now about something that happened in … say 2010, the importance of which simply wasn’t clear at the time.

Again, this is a very general idea. But I just wanted to give you a sense of what spurred me to ask the question.


Listen To This: Alito On The Mic

A new episode of The Josh Marshall Podcast is live! This week, Kate and Josh discuss the chatty Alitos, an Ohio special election and a new election forecast.

You can listen to the new episode of The Josh Marshall Podcast here.


A Favor and a Question

I wanted to ask you a question for a project I’m putting together: Do you have a favorite Editors’ Blog post? This isn’t one of those things where you have to choose a single one. There are going on 24 years of posts in the Editors’ Blog. So I’m curious to hear from readers if there are particular ones that stand out or that you found memorable or anything else like that over that period. One, none, five — any number is fine. If there are ones that come to mind, can you drop me a line at the regular TPM email address — talk (at) talkingpointsmemo dot com — and just put in the subject line “Editor’s Blog,” or something like that?

You don’t need to know the title. For the first eight or nine years they didn’t even have titles.


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Will We Never Learn: Donald Trump’s return to the scene of the Jan. 6 attack that he instigated was a watershed moment in the whitewashing of his failed auto-coup.

Trump Sent Reporters On Multiple Goose Chases: Here were are in 2024, and reporters are falling for the same Trump distractions.

How Cultish Was It? It was so bad that it’s hard to capture. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) gushed like a schoolgirl that Trump was nice to her. Republicans gathered around Trump for photos like the old Soviet Politburo (see the lead photo above).

Mitch McConnell, Too: Forced to pick between power and principle, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell stayed true to form.

Senate Republicans Kill Bill To Protect IVF: They scrambled all week to try to get out from under the gun on IVF, with many of them protesting that they were all for IVF while blocking a Democratic bill that would have protected access to it nationwide.




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